AIR LIFT-Comfort

Pad for upholstery

AIR LIFT-Comfort solves the problem of damp cushions in the boat and caravan. The sleeping comfort is positively influenced by the 20 mm thick material. A variety of upstanding PES threads create a gap through which the warmed-up air can peel off. Thus, you get an optimal ventilation, which acts as an invisible climate control. The spacer fabric AIR LIFT-Comfort prevents the risk of mildew, odor and mildew.

Color: white
Width: approx. 200 cm (+/- 5%)
Thickness: 20 mm
Delivery is from 1 running meter

41,70 €/m²

  • 20 mm, Breite: ca. 200 cm, weiß
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Auf den Merkzettel

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  • Surface load capacity: approx. 1.100 kg / m²
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Immune to rotting
  • Flame retardant
  • Temperature resistant from -20°C to + 90°C
  • Improves sleeping comfort


  • Material: 100% PES
  • Weight: approx. 620 g / m²
  • Color: white


  • Thickness: approx. 20 mm
  • Roll width: approx. 200 cm
  • Roll length: approx. 25 m


Machine washable up to 60°C with synthetic program (moderate drum rotation), do not iron.

Areas of application

Boat, yacht and shipbuilding, caravan equipment.

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